Choose a movable partition manufacturer? Come to Guangdong Egood!

- Jun 22, 2020-

With the continuous development of China's building decoration technology, the current application of event partitions is becoming more and more extensive. In addition to being used in some office conference rooms, it is often seen in some hotel banquet halls, restaurants, convention centers and other large space places. . As a result, the market share gained by movable partitions is gradually increasing. There are many manufacturers producing movable partitions. It is inevitable that some manufacturers will cut corners in the quality of the partition products. Customers must pay attention to the following points when choosing movable partition manufacturers:


movable partition

First of all, to choose a manufacturer with deep experience, it is mainly to see whether the manufacturer is established enough time, whether the technical strength is strong, whether the experience can be rich, whether there are enough large-scale engineering cases, the manufacturer's production scale, etc. These questions can be It directly reflects the overall strength of a company. As a customer, these factors must not be ignored when choosing a movable partition manufacturer.


Secondly, we must observe the after-sales service that the manufacturer can provide. Only the completed and thoughtful after-sales service can make customers more at ease. The more service items the manufacturer can provide, the more professional the explanation. When signing a contract, you must pay attention to signing relevant service treaties, not just rely on

verbal commitments, and customers do not have too many worries without worries.


In addition, to observe the materials used in their production, the quality of the material determines the quality of the product. Therefore, the selected material must be of excellent quality and meet the requirements of industrial environmental protection. The customer can request the manufacturer to provide proofs such as relevant quality certificates for different materials, or Partition manufacturers are required to provide fire protection reports approved by relevant government departments, their sound insulation and heat insulation performance reports, and other certificates. They must also observe the suspension rails of the partition to see how it bears the load. The above data are the main points when selecting manufacturers.


Guangdong Egood is a strong manufacturer that has been in the partition industry for 19 years. The hotel has witnessed more than 180 weeks and has accumulated a lot of design and decoration work experience in the industry, which can successfully complete the design requirements of all links of corporate users. , Choose a movable partition manufacturer? Come to Guangdong Egood!