Conference Hall Partition Wall by Egood

- Aug 28, 2021-

The event partition of the conference hall is an innovative design layout and a practical way of separation! It is used in large conference halls, and the interior space can be designed more flexible and changeable. Especially for diversified conference needs, the function provided by the event partition of the conference hall cannot be ignored.

classroom partition wall

The event partition of the conference hall is flexible and changeable, so that the indoor space can be changed in size at any time according to actual needs. In the design, it should be as flexible as possible to disassemble and assemble, easy to assemble, and more than stretchable. It can make use of its changeable characteristics to realize the rich changes of space divisions and form flexible design concepts, so that the shaping of the space form has a feasible and sustainable Development of the design concept.

conference hall partition

Whether it is an independent small meeting room or a large meeting hall, the partition of the meeting hall can be changed in a large space. Multi-purpose hall is its specialty. Such a high efficiency of use of space is not given to the conference hall by other building materials products.

conference partition wall

Breaking through the fixed layout of the traditional large conference hall and breaking away from the immutable characteristics of the fixed wall, the event partition of the conference hall is indeed an innovative space product. It is really very practical for users' daily diversified needs.

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