EG 108 double layer office glass wall, the most easiest way of installation

- Jul 23, 2021-

When comes to installation, many clients of us have headache about it. On one hand, they do lots of purchase from China because of the beautiful price and also reliable quatilty, but on the other hand, they also worry about the installation and maintenance after receving the products. 

Facing against the problem above, we Egood have a very suitable product and today we recommend to you!

EG-108 visible frame elevation

EG double layer glass partition wall: 

  1.  using double 5-8mm super white tempered glass;

  2.  both visible and invisible profile are available;

  3.  all around with 6063-T6 high standard aluminum assembling and with steel keel fixed;

  4.  soundproof performace coefficient can reach 40-43db;

  5.  widely using in office, meeting room, conference room, etc. 

    EG-108 visible frame detail

    EG-108 visible frame cross section

    EG-108 invisible frame detail

lets have a look at some good pictures:

EG-108 visible frame elevation

EG-108 invisible frame elevation