EGOOD glass partitions are designed for efficient office life

- May 09, 2020-

The design of the office space should be based on the characteristics of the work and the surrounding environmental factors to determine the final design direction and method. The design should be based on the work of people, relieve work fatigue, and improve work efficiency as the starting point. The achievements of human work are a necessary condition for social development, and EGOOD partition walls firmly believe that excellent office space interior design has become a driving factor for social development. For this reason, we have made efforts in the glass partition industry, especially in design, The design of the aluminum profile frame, the diversification of the glass panel, and the technical design of dimming and electric blinds are all for you who pursue a more efficient office method.


The office is a place where information is produced, copied, processed, archived, and beautified. Office design will become a knowledge center. Modern information and communication technologies are changing the traditional collocation factors of the working environment: time, place and structure. Different dynamic combinations of various factors can create many different working environments according to different tasks and user requirements.


In the current office, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry where the company is located, more demands are placed on the cooperation and communication of employees. Team work and project work will become the main forms of work in the future. The office has gradually become a node of a communication network, which needs to provide space for some short-term encounters and formal or informal exchanges. This new office can be open or closed at the same time according to the needs of the situation, and can provide corresponding environmental conditions for various possible exchanges of knowledge. The reasonable installation of glass partitions in the office as partition walls can effectively solve this problem.