Egood movable partition wall |Beautiful and practical| is crucial to modern hotel design!

- Aug 11, 2021-

The movable partition screen is currently the most suitable product for the design of indoor commercial systems in hotel industry. When used inhotels, convention centers, conference halls and other environments, it can not only to separate the space, but also can effectively enhance the overall structural design of the enterprise and the interior The grade of decoration style. In terms of material selection, it can also ensure the characteristics of fire resistance and high sound insulation coefficient, which is beautiful and fashionable.

Banquet hall movable partition wall

Egood movable partition is composed of multiple partition door panels. It is operated according to the movement of the staff, so that the internal space environment of the hotel is cut and separated, which not only ensures privacy, but also plays a decorative role. Among them, flexibility is a great feature, and the movable partition screen is also easy to store.

conference hall movable partition wall

Egood movable partition series including EG65, EG80, EG100,AE85 and AE100 panels of cooresponding thickness. The height of the partition can be customized from 2 meters to 20 meters. It is sturdy and reliable, easy to install, and flexible; and high sound insulation coefficient (effectively blocking 32db~56db), greatly improving privacy; combined with fireproof material production, safety is great The improvement.

banquet hall partition wall movable folding sliding

Compared with traditional solid walls, movable partition walls are flexible, decorative and functional. Its appearance has made a leapfrog progress in hotel design, allowing a large space with more possibilities and create more commercial value.

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