Egood panorama glass wall, give you a big view.

- Jul 23, 2021-

Be tired about triditional office atmosphere?

Want to have more bright and transparent office environment?

Looking for more efficient and high class space design? Pls do not hesitate to contact with Egood. We confidently think EG 108 full view double glazed partition will mostly meet your need.

Seeing is believing, lets see some pictures and find out how it stands out from the market!

big meeting room using EG double glazed full view

Here comes the details: 

  1.  Double 12mm super white tempered glass;

  2.  Glass and glass connected by 3mm acrylic soft seal;

  3.  All aluminum materials are made of 6063T6 high-strength alumina processing;

  4.  Color can also be powder coating according to customer requirements, etc. 

full view glass partition cross section