Egood Partition | Summary of the advantages of hanging rail movable partition walls

- Jul 24, 2020-

Hanging rail partitions can save indoor space to the utmost extent, and have always been the first choice when decorating small rooms or hotel banquet halls. However, many friends are not very familiar with hanging rail partitions. In addition to saving space, what are the advantages of hanging rail movable partitions? Where is it suitable for installation? What materials are available for us to choose?

movable partition

Hanging rail partition door is a kind of door that adopts the upper hanging wheel to support and the pulley to roll. This kind of partition is more popular in office spaces, hotel rooms and banquet halls. There is no noise when it is opened. It is more suitable for banquet halls, private rooms and other open areas that require flexible conversion of the size of the space. Hanging rail partitions, such as used in hotel or office conference rooms, refer to partition doors with hanging rails above, without ground rails, and capable of rotating 360 degrees or moving 180 degrees horizontally.


The above is some common sense about the hanging rail movable partition wall introduced by the editor. Finally, we must once again remind friends who are decorating hanging rail partition doors that when choosing installation, all installation materials must ensure the quality. Because hanging rail partitions are used every day, the high frequency of use means that there is a big chance of problems. If problems occur later, it will be a troublesome thing. First choice for Egood movable partitions! quality assurance!