Fire rating requirements for office glass partitions

- Jul 10, 2020-

In the impression of people, traditional glass is a fragile and transparent material, which is not resistant to impact. The broken fragments are easy to hurt people, and the safety is not strong. However, with the development of Chinese science and technology, by adjusting its performance and making up for its shortcomings, the stronger the glass products become, the more the advantages of glass can be fully utilized. The glass partition can not only divide the indoor space and achieve a good functional area division, but also meet the daylighting needs of daily work. The development prospect is very broad, and it is very suitable as an office partition. However, indoor partitioning products are not just a reason to meet these conditions to allow interior designers to adopt and use, but also must have a certain fire resistance function, then what kind of fire rating requirements do office glass partitions need to achieve effective fire protection? Hot, to protect personal safety? Let me tell you about it.

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Fire protection rating of office glass partition

The interior design must select the materials that meet the standards in accordance with the requirements of "a fire protection technical design for interior decoration projects in construction enterprises." Indoor partitions are actually divided into two types, one is the partition that is less than the top, and the other is the partition that is to the top. The partition also becomes a high partition. The decorative partition usually refers to the partition that does not reach the top. If the high partition to the top is regarded as a partition wall, it should be required in accordance with the wall fire protection regulations.


If the partition product that does not reach the top, the fire rating is relatively low, and the fire performance is generally not less than B1. In some places, such as shopping malls, it needs to reach Class A. The glass partition is a Class A non-combustible material and fully meets the requirements of the specification.


If it is a fixed partition wall to the top, according to the requirements of the wall, not only the fire performance of the wall but also the load bearing capacity must be considered. Because the wall is a building component, it is related to the overall safety of the building. The commonly used glass partitions can be To meet the requirements of non-bearing walls and partition walls, if they are used as load-bearing walls, firewalls, and stairwell walls, glass partitions cannot meet the requirements of the specifications.