How Can High Compartments Be Used Together To Achieve Better Results?

- Sep 23, 2020-

There are various kinds of high compartments in modern office, so how to choose and match the business of office decoration to make the effect of high compartment better?


1、 Collocation of high compartments

1. Color matching: the high compartment is a part of the office decoration, the color should be consistent with the office, set off each other. The high compartment aluminum alloy produced by Yigu partition is made of alkali sand silver (aluminum oxide natural color). If customers want the office decoration to be more different or more personalized, a variety of spray colors can be customized according to the interior style of the office, but generally white, black, silver and gray are the main colors.

2. Image building. The height and height of the compartment should be designed in a unified way, so it is not necessary to be responsible for the difference between the height and height of the design.

3. Selection and material processing. According to the above two principles, we can carefully select materials to achieve good image shaping and wonderful combination of colors. The blocking component is a non functional, so the material in the first place can have a decorative effect.

2、 Selection of glass partition

1. The most popular high compartment is undoubtedly dimming glass partition. This is a partition product that can truly realize high-tech and multi-function, which can effectively improve the cutting workspace, and can easily change the privacy and openness of a space at any time. At the same time, the partition can be used as a whiteboard wall, and can be projected at any time to achieve multi-purpose.

2. Office decoration design should pay attention to the shaping of space, because we use not the real wall, but the virtual space surrounding them. If your office hasn't been decorated with high cubicles. Then your office environment is out of date. Many enterprises use glass partition as office partition, and many western enterprises use glass partition to solve space problems. To know that glass partition lighting is particularly good, but also to solve the space. The price is similar to the partition wall, but beautiful. It's so different. Many enterprises think that the effect of high glass compartment is particularly good.