How High Can Office Glass Partition Be Made?

- Sep 08, 2020-

Although the glass partition decoration has been widely used in the office decoration industry, most customers still do not understand it. One of the most frequently asked questions by customers is how high can the office glass partition be?


Manufacturer of movable partition

Hotel movable partition generally from these aspects to improve the sound insulation effect, such as: horizontal sound insulation, wall corner sound insulation, vertical sound insulation, skeleton sound insulation, material sound insulation, operation noise insulation, hotel partition wall, we can study how to improve the sound insulation effect from these technical aspects. The movable partition mainly relies on the principle of horizontal sound insulation to achieve sound insulation. It uses the internal jack structure and the upper and lower two layers of sound insulation rubber strips as the sound insulation method. The two layers of rubber strips are tightly attached to the hanging rail of the ceiling and the floor to prevent the spread of sound source, and isolate the noise from the unified horizontal plane. As for the corner sound insulation, it is a special rubber wall component transformed by some special production processes to deal with the sealing problem of the wall corner gap. Generally, dealing with the sound insulation effect of the wall corner may involve technical problems. To solve the problem of sound information leakage from the root, we have achieved our own superior stability and sound insulation.

The combination of glass wool and decorative materials with sound insulation effect can greatly improve the sound insulation coefficient of partition. Solve the noise of the operation part: the upper partition page has a twist hand hole and a special manual control torsion handle, which can freely control the sound bead and the retractable bead, and the diamond bayonet connection of the inner crank involves the realization of flexible extensibility and easy crank sliding. The noise generated during the operation of movable partition is greatly reduced.