How high can office glass partitions be made?

- Jul 20, 2020-

Although glass partition decoration has been widely used in the office decoration industry, most customers still don't understand it. One of the most frequently asked questions by customers is how high can office glass partitions be?


glass partition

Since it is an office glass partition, it must be partitioned with a glass structure, which is basically installed according to your indoor wall height. In order to meet the various requirements of customers, the glass partitions of our office are divided into top type, commonly known as high partition and non-top type.


The most common office decoration is the high compartment. The high compartment is divided into single and double glass partitions.


The single-layer glass partition is designed by splicing special aluminum alloy profiles and a piece of tempered glass. The cost is relatively low, and it has certain advantages in space saving and cost convenience.


The double-layer glass partition is formed by a special aluminum alloy profile and 2 pieces of tempered glass. The double-glazed partition looks thicker and has the feel of a solid wall. In addition, venetian blinds can be placed inside, making the glass partition that does not have privacy protects privacy and is more suitable for financial rooms, conference rooms and high-rise offices.


It can also be matched with frosted glass in the application of tempered glass. The monotonous glass itself has a rich sense of design. Just use a frosted design in the middle of the glass to have a peep-proof effect. Guangdong Egood Partition Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and has become a standard design standard for green and ecological buildings in the partition industry. It outputs energy-saving technologies, products, construction, services and overall analysis and solution of problems for green urban building structures; at the same time, Has been focusing on the research and development of new indoor energy-saving decoration technologies and high-compartment material production safety technologies. At present, more than 10 patent data technologies including national inventions have been obtained. Guangdong Yigu Partition Company has integrated various zero-formaldehyde products Under the premise of satisfying the effects of various traditional decorative arts in the society, we launched the "zero formaldehyde decoration" service, and made a solemn promise, creating the first domestic "zero formaldehyde decoration" service.