How to choose a good movable partition?

- Nov 02, 2022-

How to choose a good movable partition, for laymen, is not very easy! There are so many brands and materials that people are dazzled! In case you don't choose the right one, the pollution and noise and various quality troubles you face every day will make you annoyed. Today's article, we a solid partition will tell you how to choose a good movable partition! I believe that after reading the choice of movable partitions will help you a lot in the future!

Choose movable partitions mainly consider five core: safety, sound insulation, fire resistance, comfort, aesthetics.

movable partition wall

Method / step

No.1  look at the profile.

Profile quality is good or bad, directly determine the merits of the activity partition, with poor quality profiles produced partition / screen strength is low, very easy to discoloration, deformation. Requirements of the profile.

1, appearance: natural color, smooth surface, uniform and consistent.

2, a certain degree of strength and flexibility.

3, manufacturers: the price of aluminum profiles on the market is almost transparent, because if you ask a few typical aluminum profile manufacturers you can come up with a price that is not too different. If the price is too low, do not steal joy to be more cautious, because it is possible that the aluminum alloy raw materials are not so qualified. If the price is too high, also need to know why the price is so high? Until screening out the profiles that meet the budget and quality requirements

No.2  look at the accessories.

The selection of accessories such as finishes, plates, tracks, horizontal wheels, sealing strips, sound insulation materials, transmission rods, sealing tape and other accessories is the key to making movable partitions, movable partitions, the requirements of various accessories are very high.

The quality of accessories from different manufacturers varies greatly, and the price varies several times. Poor-quality accessories will be damaged after a short time, resulting in sagging doors, pushing and pulling, poor switching, poor sealing, and even leave a safety hazard, there are many painful lessons in this regard.

No.3  look at the production.

Production equipment and processes determine whether the overall performance of the movable partition is excellent. According to the requirements, the diagonal difference of the movable partition should be controlled within 0.5-1.5 mm, there are strict process parameters and control range, which requires a certain production equipment and technology to make, with a quality workforce. So the street workshop and formal manufacturers of movable partitions, the quality is a world of difference.

No.4  look at the installation.

Three points of production, seven points of site construction, installation, if you do not pay attention to construction, installation standards, it may cause later activity partitions can not push or bad push. There are safety hazards. Activity partition on the installation of the track requirements are very high, in addition to the construction team, but also need to have a wealth of on-site construction experience.

At the same time for the convenience of use (push and pull smoothly), sound insulation and fire performance, the hollow of the door panel with fireproof sound insulation cotton material filling, and then sealed with sealant. Push and pull smoothly depends on the quality of the double horizontal hanging wheel, these materials are more expensive, the quality varies greatly, the installation should be strictly prevented from cutting corners and second best.

Installation of movable partition rails

No.5  look at the service.

Activity partition life of up to 15 years or more, inevitably in the use of hardware damage and other situations, and the user to solve their own more difficult, which requires manufacturers to provide long-term perfect after-sales service, the choice of formal manufacturers is certainly much more reliable than the mobile workshop.

Sixth, look at the price.

Price to compare, but on the basis of the same materials and performance and on-site construction than the price, if you are greedy for cheap, the price is not weighed against the performance comparison, it is always the user who suffers.


Users need to pay attention to, many activities partition at first glance good quality, but can not withstand long-term use! So in the purchase of movable partitions, be sure to business to provide profile inspection report, sound insulation test report.