How to design hotel movable partitions?

- Jul 15, 2020-

The design of the hotel movable partition is very important for the decoration style of the entire hotel, which can be said to be coordinated and integrated with each other. Since hotel movable partitions are so important, how should hotel decoration designers design and customize them to make them beautiful and useful? Hotel movable partition manufacturers give you some suggestions!

movable partition

First of all, when arranging the hanging rails of hotel movable partitions, the shape of the ceiling needs to be considered, and the ceiling design must not be affected by shortening the movable distance of the partition, causing the ceiling to be crooked and skewed. One place is large and the other is small, which greatly damages the overall beauty. The need to divide the space must also be considered, so in general hotel movable partitions are installed with hanging rails before installing ceilings.

Secondly, the decoration choices of the hotel's movable partition surface are also very particular. It must be designed according to the overall decoration style and use requirements of the hotel. Both of these are indispensable. For hotels and entertainment venues with dense crowds and low-end consumption, Yigu partition company recommends that designers choose a paint-free melamine board that is relatively easy to clean and cost-effective as the base board. The surface of the paint-free board can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, which is its biggest feature, we must fully develop and use it.


Common methods that want to pursue higher grades and have stronger visual effects include: hard cloth bags, soft cloth bags, wooden grids, and stainless steel decorative strips. The shading, soft cover, decoration and color of the surface finish of the hotel movable partition need to reflect the high-end style. Under appropriate circumstances, some decorations can be added to show the unique taste of the banquet hall and embellish the banquet hall. The role. At this time, we also need to consider other soft decoration and decoration layouts in the hotel interior, and then cleverly combine the interior decoration with the hotel movable partition.