Is type 90 office glass partition your preference?

- Jul 17, 2021-

Have you heard about fixed glass partition wall? Today lets walk into Egood type 90 glass partition wall and see how it catch the client need and become hot sale. 

Egood type 90 glass wall have 3 types according to the position of glass. They are single glass in the middle; single glass at side and double glass. Lets find the below pictures so we can know it better. 

                                                                                       90 cross section sample

90 glass partition after installation

●5-12mm tempered glass, visible frame, the total thickness of the frame is 90mm;

●Glass partition is up to 4 meters, the highest sound insulation effect is 43db;

●Inner steel keel, outer aluminum frame;

●All aluminum materials are made of 6063T6 high-strength alumina processing, and the color can also be powder coating according to customer requirements;

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