Materials of roller of Egood partition system

- Jul 16, 2021-

Egood exclusive track system adopts Dupont POM materials roller,  it is one of our difference from other vendors.ensure no trouble in use for our clients for decades.

The polyoxymethylene POM material is chemically named polyoxymethylene, and it usually has its poly-spirit. It is a kind of high crystalline polymer, the main structural unit is (-CH2-O-) polyoxymethylene polymer forming resin, POM includes polymerized polymer composed of formaldehyde and polymethylene molecular chain, and formaldehyde trimer —— Copolymers such as trioxane heterocyclic polymer and polymerization polymerization. It is a highly crystalline polymer。


smooth, stable, wear-resistant, low water absorption, wear-resistant, high-strength, good self-lubricity, good gloss, oil resistance, and peroxide resistance. 


dupont pom roller