Melamin Laminate Board Partition Wall by Egood

- Sep 19, 2021-

Egood movable partition can be customized with divers finishes to be a decoration system,and the latest decoration trend for large indoor spaces. The movable partition does bring a lot to the people. Convenience and efficiency have attracted many owners and decorators to try to customize their own movable partition walls, but if you have not touched this type of product, it is easy to find a movable partition manufacturer to customize a movable partition. The price is high, but you can’t get the effect you want. The editor of Yigu introduces three commonly used substrates for removable partitions. They are: medium density fiberboard, glass magnesium fireproof board, and melamine board.

  1. Medium-density fiberboard is abbreviated as MDF. This is the most commonly used panel material for movable partitions. MDF is made of wood or plant fibers through mechanical separation and chemical treatment methods, mixed with adhesives and waterproofing agents, etc., and then subjected to high temperature and high pressure A man-made board made by molding is an ideal man-made board for making furniture. The structure of MDF is more uniform than that of natural wood, and it also avoids the problems of decay and insects. At the same time, it has small expansion and contraction and is easy to process. Since the surface of the MDF is flat and easy to paste various finishes, when the movable partition needs to be hard-packed or soft-packed finishes, MDF is basically selected as the base material.

   2. The glass magnesium fireproof board is referred to as the glass magnesium board. The glass magnesium fireproof board has high temperature resistance, flame retardant, sound absorption and shockproof, waterproof and moisture-proof, insect-proof, light-weight anti-corrosion, non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free. It can be directly painted and directly veneer. It can be air nailed or directly applied to tiles, and the surface has good coloring properties. High strength, flexible bending, extremely convenient decoration, can be sawed, nailed, and glued. In addition, some high-end places and government projects have very high requirements for fire protection and sound insulation, such as: hotel banquet halls, convention and exhibition centers, conference centers and other places, so the use of glass magnesium board as the base plate for event partitions is perfect.

   3. Melamine board is abbreviated as triamine board, also called double veneer board. Its substrate is also particleboard, which is made by bonding the substrate and the surface. The surface veneers are mainly domestic and imported. Because they are fireproof, anti-wear, and waterproof, the use effect is similar to that of composite. Wooden floors. The veneer materials include walnut, white oak, sapele and other materials and colors for customers to choose. Because the triamine board can be directly pasted to the veneer, if it is used as a movable partition substrate, there is no need to make a soft or hard bag. The cost performance is very high, and it is very suitable for small restaurants, restaurants, offices and other places.508840011347020873_

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