Movable Partition: Flexible Use Of Space

- Aug 10, 2020-

Movable partition is also called movable partition, movable partition, track partition and movable sound insulation wall. The activity partition brings great convenience to people's work. For example, the movable screen can be folded to one side when necessary, so that the two spaces can be temporarily combined to make it appear larger and convenient for temporary department meetings; for example, the high activity partition, generally, our company's factory buildings may be rented, and we have to change places for various reasons. At this time, the disadvantage of traditional partition is easy to show, because you can't take the components of the house away. On the contrary, the activity partition is removable, can take away, may reorganize, therefore the activity partition also has the good reputation which may take away the decoration!


With the characteristics of high sound insulation, fire protection, movable and simple operation, the movable partition is very suitable for the use of space separation in the banquet hall of star hotels, private rooms of high-grade restaurants, senior office buildings, conference rooms and other places. At present, the series products of activity partition and fixed partition have been widely used in hotels, hotels, multi-functional halls, conference rooms, banquet halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, financial institutions, government buildings, hospitals, factories and other occasions.

Features of movable partition:

1. No ground rail suspension: there is no track on the floor, just install the track on the ceiling;

2. Stable and safe: it is stable and reliable after partition, and it is not easy to swing;

3. Sound insulation and environmental protection: sound insulation effect is good, and the maximum sound insulation coefficient can reach 50dB;

4. Heat insulation and energy saving: the heat insulation performance is excellent. According to different occupancy rate, the large space is divided into small space to reduce the power consumption of air conditioning;

5. Efficient fire prevention: it is made of high-efficiency fireproof materials and has good fireproof performance;

6. Beautiful and generous: the surface can be decorated arbitrarily, and the decoration effect can be unified with the interior;

7. Flexible retraction and retraction: the clapboard can be retracted and retracted freely, and the whole process of partition can be completed by one person;

8. Convenient collection: when the board is closed, the partition board can be hidden in the special storage cabinet, which does not affect the overall appearance;

9. Wide application: it can be used in conference hall, exhibition hall, restaurant, high clean factory and office.