Movable partition of the lobby of EGOOD Hotel

- May 04, 2020-

Today, I will tell you about the movable partition of the hotel lobby. The role of this product in the hotel cannot be underestimated. It may be for feng shui needs or for space differentiation. A set of partitions can break the fixed pattern of space, and can also upgrade the hotel's grade.


The partition of the hotel lobby should not only be used flexibly when the space is used, but also have a beautiful appearance. Let the customers enter the lobby and have a refreshing feeling. How to make the hotel stand out from the novel, then do something on the decorative surface of the partition Article now.


If it is a classic-style hotel, we should use a lattice or some landscape painting series partitions, let people enter the lobby, the first thing I feel is to cross, there is a feeling of being on the scene, giving customers a good experience, customers have With a good sense of experience, people will be introduced to experience staying and increase the hotel occupancy rate. If the hotel is of European and American style, it is recommended to use it. The glass series or metal edging series is better. The transparency of the glass material is better, and there are frosted series, which gives a hazy mystery. The metal series gives The feeling of people is that they are passionate and unrestrained, which makes people relax. The materials selected for the partition of the hotel lobby should be matched according to the overall style of the hotel. Do not be abrupt in style. The effect should highlight the theme of the hotel.