Reveal | Why Egood 10 meters high movable partition door panel can be easily pushed by one finger?

- Nov 16, 2022-

Egood partition specializing in the manufacture of movable partitions for more than 20 years, movable partition manufacturing technology has long been entrenched; undertake a lot of large-scale projects, the use of ultra-high type door panels more than 10 meters and more, because to do a finger to push the door panels and favored by customers.

Today Egood customer service to reveal to you why 10 meters high movable partition door panels only need a finger to push!

First of all, the most important thing is that it is a hanging system, hanging system it is divided into hanging wheel and hanging track, these two are the most important, then hanging wheel why is the most important? Because many people in the market hanging wheel it is with a bearing, it is a plane, plane it contact this rail, its friction surface is the largest, we a solid is curved, our hanging wheel is specially made, its contact point just contact a little, our whole hanging wheel is a 304 stainless steel, screw is carbon steel 12.8 grade, impact force of 3 tons. The lifting wheel and guide rail through the point-to-point friction, so that it is more silky smooth and easy to promote.

We have two kinds of lifting wheels: super high steel rail and super high aluminum rail.

Ultra-high steel rail can achieve 20 meters high door panel, ultra-high aluminum rail can achieve 13 meters high door panel.

Ultra High Rail Lifting Wheel SystemUltra High Aluminum Rail Lifting Wheel System

Secondly, we adopt automatic turning system for one solid, the track is equipped with guiding device and arc turning joint, which can realize automatic guiding turning and can be customized according to the actual situation, with any angle of turning joint and strong flexibility.

Auto-turn system