The movable partition can play its role according to the required space

- Jun 19, 2020-

Speaking of movable partitions, everyone can remember that some places with developed tourism have driven local economic development. Nowadays, due to the development of building materials, decoration has also become a local concern. The movable movable partition is a new type of decoration building material that has emerged in recent years. Such products are still used in the market more, like some restaurants, restaurants, clubs can be used, according to the size of the space to play its role.

movable partition

The movable partition wall can be called different names according to the finish it uses. Like the finish made of wood, it is called a wooden movable partition. It can be used in home decoration or clubs. The effect of the wood finish is more textured, so that People look more comfortable. There are also glass finishes, which are more suitable for office buildings and meeting rooms. The space in the office should be bright and transparent. The glass finish is suitable. The glass material is easy to clean and soundproof. There is also the painting series, used in the hotel box, you can choose different pictures to partition above, as the background wall of the private room, so that when guests use the private room, the environment is comfortable.


The movable partition is different from the traditional movable. The traditional movable needs to be moved back and forth, and guests should be especially careful not to touch the movable, otherwise it will easily fall to the ground. People have considered this inconvenient place, so this new type of building material, a movable movable door, can be pushed to a suitable position with a single fan, and then fixed by a telescopic system, so that it is a partition wall and will not fall down. This situation on the ground. This type of active movable has many styles and rich colors. You can choose a lot. For example, the paint-free movable has the advantages of easy care and wear resistance. Soft-packed activity movables and sponges in the finish can reduce the damage to people bumping. Painted activity movables can be customized according to hotel decoration, with rich patterns.