The movable partition screen can match the ideal space

- Jun 09, 2020-

The movable partition screen can play different roles according to different places of use. It can flexibly configure the space, improve the space utilization rate, and can also improve the beauty of the space. It is harmonious and unified with the interior decoration style to match the ideal space.


The movable partition screen has the advantages of mobility, sound insulation, and quickness, so that it can be flexibly scaled, contracted and stacked in the corner, does not occupy space, and can be extended to form a wall. The hanging rail design is only available. The upper rail has no lower rail, the upper rail fits seamlessly with the rail, and the lower rail seamlessly fits with the ground. There is no damage to the ground and cleaning is also very convenient. The movable partition screen is composed of three pieces of rails, wheels, and finished movable partitions, which are indispensable. The track is connected to the finished product by wheels, and the partition screen manually moves back and forth with the direction of the track. However, due to the small friction between the track and the wheels, it is easy to push by human hands and easy to slide.


The movable partition screen is the product of the division of regional space, which involves many elements such as science, technology, humanities, and art. The purpose is to create a comfortable environment for use. Therefore, when installing movable partition screens, the visual design should conform to people's visual angle conditions, and should be set within the normal visual range, arranged in an inappropriate position, and even have an adverse effect on the effect of the indoor space. In a large and complex indoor environment, if everything is achieved, there will be a chaotic situation in which the primary and the secondary are not divided. At this time, the hotel can add movable partition screens to divide each space, and the partition wall between each compartment is It can be used, it is a wall that can move back and forth.


The movable partition screen can break the inherent pattern to separate the space, realize the mutual communication between the spaces, endow the space with various properties and functions, make the living room environment rich in changes, use the space more effectively, enhance the sense of hierarchy of the space, and let the space separate Constantly!