What are the characteristics of the automatic turning system super high movable partition?

- Nov 04, 2022-

Today by Egood small customer service to introduce you to our Egood partition automatic turning system super high activity partition has the characteristics!

Auto-turn systemAuto-turn system

Egood partition automatic turning system ultra-high movable partition has the following characteristics.

1. No floor track suspension: the ground is not paved track, do not damage the surface of the carpet, save the overall effect of the hall.

2. Stable and safe: the inner core is made of steel frame, not easy to deformation, suitable for high type partition, the height of the door panel can reach up to 20m.

3. Energy-saving and environmental protection: according to different uses, the large space is divided into several small spaces to greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.

4. Sound insulation and noise reduction: special sound insulation pads are added inside the panel, filled with high-density sound insulation rock wool inside the door panel, and special sealing strips at the edges of the door panel to ensure the sealing and flatness between the door panels, and effectively reduce the sound wave transmission, the sound insulation decibel rate can reach 56db.

5. Efficient fireproof: The door panel is made of efficient fireproof material with good fireproof performance.

6. Lightweight and dexterous: imported POM particles composed of pulleys with automatic turning guidance set aluminum alloy track, making 100mm thick doors to promote smooth cornering can be smoothly turned, flexible.

7. Beautiful and generous: the surface layer of the door panel is divided into medium fiber board, high density board and steel plate, so that the surface can be decorated with any finish, and the use of the environment as one.

8. Door-in-door system, small doors can be installed on the partition wall panels for easy access.

9. Convenient storage: the wall panel is introduced into the special storage room by the road track when it is stored, which does not affect the overall beauty.