What Conditions Should Hotel Partition Design Meet?

- Sep 02, 2020-

In recent years, movable partition often appears in the design scheme, especially for large-scale interior decoration projects, such as hotel, exhibition center, conference center, etc. movable partition can create a private space for the original open interior, and divide it into small indoor space. The main feature of the movable partition is flexible movement. It can move to every corner of the room through the top guide rail, and has the space partition function and decoration effect as the wall. The movable partition adopts environmental protection materials such as aluminum alloy and plate, which will not produce industrial dust pollution, and the construction is convenient and fast. Therefore, the appearance of the movable partition quickly covers the large indoor space of many places Between.

The design of hotel movable partition is rich and diverse. One is that we can make effective and reasonable use of the space, and allocate the appropriate space according to the actual number of guests in the hotel, so as to be more flexible, and at the same time, to achieve safety, stability and environmental protection. Second, the decoration space environment style. The problem that hotel design bothers designers is that the interior space is large, which easily leads to decoration vacuum period, which is not very harmonious. The use of hotel movable partition can make the space look less empty and monotonous, and has a certain decorative effect.


What conditions should Hotel partition design meet?

There is a big difference between Hotel activity partition and traditional partition wall in function and decoration. It integrates many modern fashion elements, art elements, material texture and technical functionality. It has a significant improvement in both use and appearance. How can we fully embody it? First of all, the selection of boards is relatively rich and diverse. The optional materials include glass, melamine board, fireproof board, color steel plate, gypsum board and other decorative engineering materials, which are made according to these different needs. Secondly, on the decoration, soft package, hard package and other real samples can be used to improve the overall texture of the hotel interior, so as to play the role of decoration space.

Hotel activity partition can effectively improve space utilization and reduce energy consumption, which has a reasonable guiding role. It can be said that the concept of space decoration has been integrated into the partition research and development. Compared with the traditional partition structure, it has more functions and more diversification.