What factors affect a movable partition quotation?

- Apr 14, 2021-

Although many consumers like the movable partition wall, but most of them are not clear about the technology, features and price of this product, especially the price is a direct concern for  many customers. For this problem, as a movable partition manufacturer with rich production experience, it will not quote price without knowing the construction site conditions. Some customers don't quite understand this. "Why can't you quote me the price of the movable partition directly?" Isn't it ordinary decoration material? The price of movable partition wall needs to be customized according to your requirements, combined with the site construction environment, the size, height and material of partition wall. So the price that affects movable partition is the above factors. As for why, let's analyze it with you.

Office movable partition

Office movable partition

1. The above conditions have just said that the movable partition wall belongs to its own customized products, and there is no stock or spot situation. Each one is ordered and produced according to different sizes, just like tailor-made clothes, the size only belongs to one person, so the price will be a little bit higher.

2. The materials selected for products are different, because the needs of each customer are different, the selection of materials is different, and the production process is also different, so the prices are naturally different.

3. The movable partition of other parts quality is different ,the price also different.


4. Technical factors 

The quotation of Egood movable partition is basically all inclusive price, including design, production, transportation, installation and maintenance. To provide customers with one-stop service, as long as customers request, agree to design, other things just left to us. Absolutely let customers rest assured, worry free!

Moving the partition to the construction site, because the partition is relatively heavy, so the processing cost may also be increased. 

Due to the above reasons, each manufacturer's quotation will be different. So in the choice of movable partition products, don't focus blindly on price. The principle of "one price, one product" has never changed!