What methods can be used for pricing the office partition wall

- Jun 12, 2020-

The office partition wall is widely loved and recognized by enterprises because of its mature technology and simple molding. Today's highly rated and trusted office partition walls are well-known in many industries, because they are an important tool for enclosure and combination space. Now we will briefly explain the ways in which office partition walls can be priced:

office partition wall

1. Pricing according to different materials

The office partition wall can be used not only to partition hotel small rooms, but also to partition multifunctional halls. Its pricing methods are also varied, and some of the partition wall manufacturers in the market today are priced based on the material of the partition wall. Generally speaking, there are more customized partition walls with four materials: aluminum alloy frame, glass, louver and plate. , And these four different raw materials correspond to different selling prices.


2. Pricing based on partition area

The pricing method of the office partition wall can also be calculated according to the partition area. Because some large enterprises need a large partition area, sometimes they can include several floors, so some partition wall manufacturers believe that it is relatively more convenient to price according to the partition area, and accumulate the number of partition walls required in each area. After the accumulation, multiply the unit price of the raw materials to obtain the total price of the office partition wall.


3. Pricing based on the thickness of the partition wall

According to a large number of market survey data, some manufacturers of office partition walls also choose the thickness of the partition wall for pricing. According to some multi-function halls, due to the large space, but the requirements for the partition wall are very strict, a higher-grade and thicker glass partition wall is required to separate the space, and the thicker partition wall price is relatively more expensive some.


The application of office partition walls has been spreading in every corner of people's lives, because it not only improves the space rate, but also improves the transparency and brightness of the small space after isolation. This is also the fundamental reason for the high sales rate of good office partition walls in the market. Some office partition wall manufacturers have conducted a statistical analysis of the current sales price of the partition wall and found that it can be priced according to different materials, or according to the partition area and Partition wall thickness to price.