What should be paid attention to when decorating the office high compartment

- May 15, 2020-

Being able to effectively divide the office space by constructing partitions is a model of effective space utilization. Many office decoration will choose this partition to distinguish the task positions of the members of the office. Choosing a good office high partition can effectively increase the people in the office. Daily work efficiency. So what are the matters and details that need to be paid attention to when decorating the office high compartment?



1. Attention should be paid to prohibit unrelated persons from watching

As the construction site is likely to have some unexpected situations during the construction, such as the splash of bricks or the falling of stones caused by the absence of onlookers, you must pay attention to prohibiting irrelevant personnel from performing onlookers when building the office partition wall. Being close, doing so can avoid personal dangers such as idle people from curiosity or other reasons at the source.


Second, pay attention to the selection of the construction location, and there must be no deviation

Before the construction of the wall, the company and the customer must have their own ideas about the location, so the construction team must pay attention to the location and discuss with the customer before building the office partition wall, and pay attention to the location of the construction. Minor deviations and movements, such small details may cause the customer's trust in the team to decline and affect the next cooperation.


Third, pay attention to reduce the construction sound as much as possible to avoid affecting the office staff

During the construction period, there are still many employees who need to work in the company, so the office partition wall should pay attention to minimize the noise pollution during the construction process, which can effectively help the office staff to increase the environmental status of the meditation level of the office To avoid affecting the office hours of office staff and cause staff tasks to be completed.


Provide good office high partitions can use good raw materials to build good quality glass partitions. The construction of the high compartment of the office not only needs to pay attention to let other related personnel leave as much as possible during construction, but also must pay attention to the location of the construction to avoid deviations. It must be accurate to avoid affecting the degree of cooperation, and also pay attention to reducing the sound during construction to avoid affecting other The daily work of office staff.