With the improvement of social development level, movable partition is widely used in life

- May 22, 2019-

High Partition products should conform to the company culture: reflect the company culture and business philosophy; Meet the use function, avoid space waste; Variety of styles to avoid monotony; Color collocation is reasonable to meet the visual effect; Selection of diverse, fully reflect the functional characteristics.

Clear the classification method of high Partition: whether the light transmission function classification: glass partition, solid partition; Material category: glass partition, melamine plate partition, etc.

Basic requirements of high partition: with wiring function, can do line maintenance at any time, safe, convenient and does not affect the overall appearance; Different surface materials for selection and collocation, effectively cut space use and expand the design field; Various accessories can be disassembled and reassembled at any time, which does not affect other adjacent modules at all, and reduces the pollution and waste of resources caused by disassembly and assembly. By connecting the single and double sides of two different thickness compartment system connection, arbitrary adjustment Angle, space design changes wider and wider; Modular design, molding production, stable quality.