Medical Center Clinic Solid or Glass Partition

Movable glass partition with roller and rail Divide the space with transparent glass or painted glass which allows writing with marker Nice appearance,with venetian blinds built-in option

Product Details

  Height from 2 meters to 6 meters;

Quality 6063-T5 clear anodized aluminum frames

● Aluminum keels, with high density rockwool infill 

  Sound proof rate 38DB to 48dB;

 Panels options available : individuals panels, hinged panel or or Omni-directional panel;

 Pass in door available for access

Egood adjustable movable partition make great convenience for people's life.It is a kind of movable partition wall that can divide a large space into small space or can join up small space and make a bigger space when needed.It is easy to be installed,can reuse ,flexible to work,fireproof and environmental .


medical center clinic partition




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