Conference Removable Room Divider Sound Isolation

Top hung system without floor track
Sound insulation coefficient STC 32 to 55db based on the material choose
Thickness panel:65mm,80mm,100mm
Height : From 2meters to 18meters;
Infill materials: Acoustic rock wool.     
Finish:  Wood Veneer, Melamine. Leather, Fabric, Glass…
Floor track: No needed
Materials: Aluminum + Surface board
Surface board options: Melamine laminate, HPL, fabric, veneer
Panel thickness: 65,80, 100mm

Product Details

·  Top hung system without floor track;

·  Sound insulation coefficient STC 32 to 55db based on the material choose;

·  Thickness panel:65mm,80mm,100mm,

·  Height : From 2meters to 18meters;

·  Infill materials: Acoustic rock wool.     

· Finish:  Wood Veneer, Melamine. Leather, Fabric, Glass…

· Floor track: No needed

· Materials: Aluminum + Surface board

· Surface board options: Melamine laminate, HPL, fabric, veneer

· Panel thickness: 65,80, 100mm

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Conference removable room divider sound isolation

Customize your space (Features of movable wall partition)

1) movable wall partition is modernized decoration style. It can separate the space speedly and conveniently. And it has sound insulation and heat insulation and fireproof function.

2) The Partition Board is made from high density frame, special made rubber, excellent sound insulation cotton and finish board etc. the finish board is flat and hard.

3) The finish board is inserted in the aluminum track, assembled with multi-direction wheels; the board can be stored in may different ways.

4) It doesn’t need track on the floor, we only hang the track on the ceilings and it can be at the same plane with the ceiling decoration. It won’t affect the whole decoration style.

5) Around the board ,there is sound insulation rubber, it can help to insulate the sound entering.

6) Access door is available for partition panel.


 Description of the system


 movable wall partition

 Applicable height




 Description of the partition wall







 Surface Material

 Wall paper with landscape

 Main Material


 Net Wight(Kgs/m2)



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