Soundproof Leather Upholstery Sliding Folding Partition

The movable sound insulating and glass wall systems from Egood offer the very highest quality, functionality and variability for room-dividing and multifunctional layout configuration.
● Excellent sound insulation properties allow different events to be held in adjacent areas without any intrusive noise. Combination with openness and transparency are also available with fully glazed elements as well.
● The portfolio consists of a wide range of comfortable, functional and design products:
● Manual sound insulating partition
● Manual sound insulating glass partition
● Manual glass partition
● These high standards derive in particular from many years of know-how and accrued competence in system development.

Product Details

Banquet leather upholstery sliding folding partition

Soundproof Leather Upholstery Sliding Folding Partition

Type100 movable partition is made of clear anodized aluminum frame, special made rubber, excellent sound insulation glasswool, base board etc. The panel is flat and hard which is hung by aluminum track system, the roller is made from durable Dupont POM material and strengthen bearing. The panels can be stacked in many different ways flexibly.

Type100 movable partition has machanism fixed inside. When the crank handle is rotated by 180 degree, top and bottom retractable seal will be expanded to lock the panel stably.

Soundproof Leather Upholstery Sliding Folding Partition

Soundproof Leather Upholstery Sliding Folding Partition


Q: What is the partition completion option?

A: We have many choices. We can provide you with exposed MDF, exposed plywood or plasterboard for your own decoration. We can also supply Melamine Laminates, high pressure laminates, plywood, cloth, polyurethane, etc. , depending on your requirements. WE'VE WORKED FOR THIS COMPANY FOR OVER 20 years. Our factory is located in the South China Sea area of Foshan, warmly welcome your visit!


Q: How do I install partitions? Do you have to do this?

A: It is not difficult to install our partition. Our sector is a top-of-the-line support system that will be very important and will not require any ground orbit structure. We have very detailed drawings and videos showing how to install it, so your people just need to take it one step at a time.


Q: Can you send an engineer to install it? How much does it cost?

A: Of course. We have two installation options. The first option is that we send in an assistant engineer. He'll order your men to do it, but he won't install it himself. The second option is to have two installers install at least two movable walls. They'll install the system themselves. At the same time, they need the support of local workers.


Q: Where is your office? Do you have an overseas office?

A:So far, we have no overseas offices. Our office is located in the South China Sea area of Foshan, but we have local distributors in some countries. You can ask our people about overseas distributors.


Q: Do you have a warranty on your products?

A: Yes, all our products have a one-year warranty, including all parts and defects. If necessary, we can also provide extended warranty period, product life.

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