Fire Retardant Room Sliding Folding Partition

Product name:Fire retardant Bed Room Sliding Folding Partition
Model:Type65/80/100 movable partition
Panel thickness:65/80/100mm
Model Number:Type65/80/100 anodized aluminum track system
Carrier bearing capacity:225kg/250/380/650kg
Color:silver track
Track Position:top hanging track
Application:light weight partition wall panel
Operation:acrylic partition wall panel
Main structure:Anodized aluminum+aluminum Keel

Product Details

  Basic MDF face - Standard 9mm -12mm thickness for superior acoustic performance

  Aluminium frames - Available in colour anodizing, and powder coating

  Top supported without floor track or guide.

  They allow for many different combinations, from glazed concrete sections to doors.

  Customized powder coated color are available.

  Finishes: Customized painting.

●  Fast delivery and Rich experiences in oversea project installation guide & supervision.

  Carrier over load: 225-1300Kg.

●  Open Style: Sliding

●  Fixed top sweeps - Retractable seals are required or optional.

●  The tracks are fixed into the ceiling

  There is large selection of different finishes to choose from.


EGOOD operable partition is made of a high-quality Anodized Aluminum frame with composite materials. The panel has a standard thickness of 65mm/80mm/100mm and a width up to 1230mm.


Maximum height can reach 17000mm tall.

Egood works with Architects, designers, developers, contractors and owners in design product selection, decorative finishes, project management, and after-sales warranty services as her one-stop solution business service.


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