Modern Aluminum Glass Office Partitions Wall

Modern Aluminum Glass Office Partitions Wall

Toughened glass is a new heat and noise insulation building material which has other many features- energy saving, safety, antifogging, etc. Insulated Glass is hermetically sealed combination of two or more pieces of glass separated by a dry air-space. The space itself can be filled with dehydrated air or with a special gas.

Product Details

Modern Aluminum Glass Office Partitions Wall

1.Certain degree of privacy is achieved

2.Can reduce the level of communication between staff.
3.Completely see-through,let in light and display who is in the room
4.Glass panels provide a very modern and contemporary look,just choose different color of glass or different photos and word on the glass panel.
5.It Provide stability and offer a preventative measure to deal with acoustic and visual distractions.
6.can provide a much better solution than the alternatives, such as permanent stud walls or temporary screens.
7.Wise choice to divide up the floor space in an office.

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