Party Room Auditorium Hall Partition Wall

Egood movable partition walls are of flexible design,acoustic performance and durable.Prounded quality with 6063-T6 aluminum frames and keels, with various specifications and characteristics to satisfy most requriements of design and budget.Partition height rate from 2 meters to 20 meters.

Product Details

The movable wall system Panels are precision laminated, pre-finished with vinyl, fabric or other specified finish. All vertical

and horizontal structural members consist of extruded aluminum components, with a snap-on base made of extruded vinyl. Panels lift into floor and ceiling tracks to form a rigid, uniform wall system that provides excellent sound transmission resistance with a STC rating of 38 to 56dB.



Acoustic partitions offer an easy, flexible solution to divide rooms and add privacy to your space.

Conference rooms: 

You can use acoustic partitions to create a private and quiet conference room to discuss sensitive information and keep employees on track.


The right-sized acoustic partitions can help coaches create quiet teaching environments, reduce distracting noises and improve communication so everyone can make the most of fun gymnasium activities.


choose custom-made partitions to close off a cafeteria from other areas completely, or regular partitions to help reduce noise and add privacy to the dining space.


Teachers can create separate rooms within the classroom using acoustic partitions to help students focus during tests or while studying.  Also use large partitions to create separate areas for different activities to help students avoid distractions.






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