School Classroom Partition Wall

Product Details: Type: Office Furniture
General Use: Commercial Furniture
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: Type-65, 80, 100
Height (maximum height): 4000/6000/75000/15000/20000mm
Width: 750~~1200mm
Thickness: 65/80/100/125mm
Left and right telescoping: 140mm
Stretching up and down: 60mm
ush and pull force: 50N
Orbital load: 1250kg/m
Partition weight: 55kg/㎡
Certificate: ISO9001
Track: Top suspension Track

Product Details

Product Details:

Type: Office Furniture <br>

General Use: Commercial Furniture<br>

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China<br>

Model Number:  Type-65, 80, 100 <br>

Height (maximum height):  4000/6000/75000/15000/20000mm<br>

Width: 750~~1200mm<br>

Thickness:  65/80/100/125mm<br>

Left and right telescoping: 140mm<br>

Stretching up and down: 60mm<br>

ush and pull force: 50N<br>

Orbital load: 1250kg/m<br>

Partition weight: 55kg/<br>

Certificate: ISO9001<br>

School Classroom walnut HPL partition wall

Individually operated, acoustically insulated, fully retractable are just three phrases used to describe our movable partitions. As the name suggests all the products found in our 65,  80, 100  series deliver high performance and easy to operate movable partition wall systems. With acoustic insulation up to 56dB, their noise reducing capabilities make our movable walls the ideal option for hotels, conference centres, educational establishments, offices and training areas, areas that so commonly falter on the room configuration front.

Available in three thicknesses – 65mm, 80mm and 100mm – and with acoustic ratings of between 32dB and 56dB, each and every one of our moveable wall products is built to last and designed to maximise the functionality and flexibility of spaces of all shapes and sizes

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