3000 Square Meter Office Glass Partition, Ready To Go!

- Oct 29, 2021-

Qatar is an Arab country in western Asia. It is located on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf and borders Saudi Arabia. The coastline is 550 kilometers long. China and Qatar established diplomatic relations on July 9, 1988. After the establishment of diplomatic relations, relations between the two countries have developed smoothly. In November 2014, the two countries established a strategic partnership.

Qatar at night

On the morning of October 28th, a 40-foot HQ came to our third factory. The colleagues in the workshop were busy from 10 am to 4 pm, and finally put the goods in the container, and now all the goods are ready to be sent.

Beautiful Qatar

This project uses our company’s type 90 single glass partition. The glass is purchased locally by the customer. Our company provides the aluminum frame and all accessories. In terms of color, the surface of the aluminum is powder coating into beige white, and the durability can reach more than 15 years; On the other hand, according to the customer's requirements, our company reopened the mold on the basis of the original partitioned internal structure, and tailored a new system for the customer, especially with a 25mm groove around it; In terms of packaging, we have also upgraded our traditional packaging method according to customer requirements, using independent packaging for each group of walls, which greatly facilitates the speed of customers looking for materials, thereby improving the efficiency of installation.

Cargo ready

Every smooth container loading is inseparable from the full assistance and close cooperation of colleagues from all over the company. This side shows the good company atmosphere and strong collective cohesion of the company. Give them a thumbs up! At the same time, we also wish the cargo a smooth journey and successfully reach the terminal station across the ocean. Let us look forward to the effect after the installation is complete!

1x40HQ is ready to go!

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