Check List Before Folding Wall Panel Production

- Dec 23, 2020-

Egood folding wall patition company offers products and services with the end user in mind,

in order to decrease mistakes in every production order ,Egood  provides check list form to the cleint 

to double check all critical points which mentioned on the form,try the best possibility  to minimize mistakes

         image EGOOD FOLDING WALL PARTITION - PRODUCTION CHECKLIST                                                                      
     Import Aspect need to be considered before finalize and sign our technical drawing for producion
 ItemsDiagram and instructionFeedbackRemark
1.width(length) :should be from the finished wall to finished wall or column to column,if there ar any decoration on the wall or colum,have to subtract(reduce the thickness first before finalized the final length width, the max deviation  is 20mm acceptableimage      

2.Height:Should be from finished floor(after flooring ,tile or carpet) to the false ceiling which usally same level as the the bottom of track. Or proposed height if without flase ceiling or not one the same level ,the max deviation  is 10mm accetableimage

3.Head room:The height from  the false ceiling to the concrete slabe bottom(roof) should be  enough spacek for install the track system,usualy leave 200mm for type60,65,80 track, 250 for type 100 trackimage

4. Parking area dimenison:height and widh should be the same dimension caculation  above above mentioned

5.Elements may  affect the the layout and  dimenions from proposal drawing to actual site condition: 1.unlevel or unclear flooring ;2. unlevel  or unclear false ceiling;3,wiring ,pipe or air duct; corner deroration; 5.pocket door design and direction. 6.Head Room height not enough weight of the systems 8:thickness of the panel finishes by client ect.

6.All Dimension  shown on our proposal drawings are critical to production and proper partiton operation,if there are any doubt or changes are  made,please conctact Egood immediately,any changes may incure serious onsequences for operatation ,and additional charges may incured

7.Package :For safty transportation consideration,stronge recommend pack all goods into plywood case if total volum is small and requied to ship as LCL goods;loading the goods a own full container will the best solution  to protect the goods

8.Date of delivery :since all panel and finishes are customized,so it is impossible to delivery the goods in few days,Egood team will provide a schedule accoriding to the project completion time, if the project is big and urgent client can be order the tracks in advance ,and start the panel after the tracks installed, advanges to order tracks first: 1.more earlier to start track installation will be more easier to complete the job than if after wiring,pile and air duce,and false ceiling,because steel sturucre supports intallting will become complicated 2. actuall dimenions for panel production  after false ceiling and floor leveling and side decoration. 3.time saving and even all decoration are done,panel can be install easiliy in short time wihout ducts and noise;