Designers Adopt Movable Wall in Multi-functional Banquet Hall Design

- Apr 15, 2022-

Interior design is a multi-industry and multi-professional interdisciplinary subject. It is not only about beautifying the environment, but also about improving people's quality of life. The rapid development of today's economy and the increase in investment in fixed assets have enabled interior designers to have a broader stage to reflect their self-worth. The increasingly fierce market competition, the frequent updating of construction technology and the improvement of the quality of owners, have put forward higher requirements for designers. Therefore, designers need to work hard to improve their own quality and master more properties of materials in order to make plans that meet the expectations of the owners. For example, for the multi-functional interior space design of the banquet hall, the designer needs to have a clear understanding of the hotel's mobile partition wall.

Banquet hall partition

hotel partition movable wall

As what it is called, the hotel mobile partition wall is a kind of wall that can be moved. It is qualitatively different from the masonry walls that everyone sees every day, and its ability to flexibly change the size of the space is what makes it unique. The designer needs to have such a clear understanding of the mobile partition wall of this hotel. If it is applied to the spatial layout of the large banquet hall, the use effect of the overall space will be impressive. It can not only divide the large banquet hall into multiple independent small boxes or small banquet halls when necessary, but also integrate these small dining spaces into one large banquet hall when appropriate. In this way, the multi-functionality of the banquet hall can be easily realized, and the diversified needs of diners for the dining environment are guaranteed.

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