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- Dec 01, 2021-

Intelligent electric partition is the latest partition technology developed in the 21st century, and it has been highly valued in recent years. It makes the utilization rate of the indoor space play a huge role, can flexibly divide the space into multiple parts, and can also become a large space. Now you can also install electronic technology products on the movable partition, breaking the traditional domestic design style of movable partition, such as installing a display screen, which becomes a mobile combined display screen, which is very convenient and looks very modern and high-tech. 

Its safety is also a concern.

electric vertical partition

EGOOD intelligent electric partition is a large and well-known brand manufacturer of electric partition in Foshan, Guangdong. Independently developed and produced electric partitions for 7 years, and its electric partitions are well received in the market. The safety system developed by it makes the electric partition more safe, stable and reliable.

electric vertical folding glass wall

EGOOD Intelligent Electric Partition Safety System:

1. When the partition movement is blocked, the main motor will stop running and run in the reverse direction for 3 seconds. After the obstacle is cleared, it will continue to run automatically.

2. Slow motion system, which can make full use of the safety of the system. When the running speed is too fast, the slow motion system will start to prevent too much power generated by the rapid movement of the partition, so as to avoid human or object collision and injury; The system adopts an optimized intelligent anti-collision design scheme, and an electric eye or a collision switch can be installed on the side of the board to realize anti-collision protection.

3. In the event of an unexpected power failure, the system will keep and memorize the position of each door leaf in operation at the time of the power failure, and the system will automatically perform unfinished work when the power is turned on again.

4. You can also choose to link with the fire protection system and the intelligent building system, and automatically open the collection when the fire alarm signal is received, so that people can be evacuated.

Do customers still need to worry too much about such a safety management system? In some different scenarios, there is a set of safe design methods to run them. The electric partition independently developed and produced by Yigu Intelligent Electric Partition is a rare partition brand manufacturer in China. It has 7 years of R&D, production and installation experience and quality assurance.vertical-folding-wall3_7

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