Egood Movable Glass Partition Has Been Put Into Use in Budweiser Beer Production Base

- Jul 05, 2021-

Budweiser (Wenzhou) Beer Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing project with the largest total investment in Wenzhou Economic Development Zone. It is one of the world’s top 500 Budweiser InBev Group’s largest investment projects in China. The new beer factory with the theme will be officially put into production in October 2020. The company is positioned as Budweiser's global benchmark factory, implementing the best factory operation and management mode of Budweiser, and operating in accordance with the requirements of "zero operators, full maintenance, mobility management, and central control". 


Project name: Budweiser (Wenzhou) Beer Co., Ltd. conference room

Partition Model: 80 type movable partition/80 type glass movable partition

Partition Height: 3 meters

Total partition area: 160 square meters

Partition sound insulation coefficient: 45db 

glass sliding folding door

office glass partition