Egood Movable Partition Project For Fengqing Country People's Hospital, Lincang City, Yunnan Province

- Jan 14, 2022-

Project name :Fengqing Country People's Hospital, Lincang city, Yunnan province

Movable partition type :America style type 65

Height of the partition :3.2 meter

Total area of the partition :257 square meters

Sound insulation rate:STC38db

Finish of the partition :melaminr laminate+paiting glass writing board


The new hospital area of Fengqing County People's Hospital is located in the Chengnancheng New District of Fengqing County, covering an area of 112 mu, with a planned total construction area of 91,379.21 square meters and a planned total of 800 beds. It is one of the key projects in Hefengqing County. It operates according to the mode of joint development of the old and new campuses. After acceptance, the new campus will hang the "Fengqing County People's Hospital" brand. After the new hospital is put into use, it will greatly improve the medical service level in the area and better meet the needs of local people for medical treatment.


Adhering to the "green, humanistic, and intelligent" planning and design of the new hospital area, it is magnificent. The medical technology complex in front of it is a modern building that integrates emergency, outpatient and medical technology. The teaching and research building and the specialized building are equipped with a large underground parking lot in the middle. Compared with the old hospital area, the new hospital area fully takes into account the long-term development of the hospital and the people's sense of obtaining medical treatment, and is prepared in accordance with the national tertiary hospital standards. to enhance  the happiness of the people in medical treatment.

This operable partition customization project is mainly designed around the hospital skills training room. According to the needs of Party A, these movable partitions not only require a certain degree of confidentiality, but also require the door panel to have a writing function. At the same time, because it is a government project, it does not The design needs to be too high-end, and it can be more practical. There are 11 places that need to be customized, with a total area of 257 square meters.

According to the above requirements, our Egood design department immediately gave a plan, using the American 65 type movable partition, which is light and easy to store and unfold, and the price is affordable. The textured triamine board is inserted into the frame, and the middle layer is made of stoving varnished glass. After the movable partition is unfolded, it can meet the daily basic sound insulation needs. It is very practical. After the installation is completed, the overall effect is just right, and there is no sense of violation at all.

The following is a real shot rendering of the activity partition of Fengxian People's Hospital in Lincang City, Yunnan Province:

movable partition

operable partition

operable wall

training room movable partition

park the partitions

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