Fourth Shipment: Taiwan AE Partition Wall Delivery

- Mar 01, 2020-

Fourth shipment: Taiwan AE partition wall Delivery

Good news:Marriot Hotel,Kaohsiung ,Taiwan AE partition wall,20GP container loaded today

Date: 28th FEB 2020

People: Guangdong EGOOD Partition Company Staff

Address: Nanhai District, Foshan, China

Project: Taiwan AE movable partition Project Delivery

EGOOD Technical Description Feature

1.Change the room space flexibly.

2.Heavy Track loading capacity make sure the safety of Partition.

3.Precise welding between separate rail can avoid repairing and maintenance in high probability.

4.Partition retract and push easily, only one person can handle the moving job.

5.Wide application: can be used in Office place, commercial place, exhibition place, Hospital place, etc.

partition wall