How To Choose Partition Wall For Your Office

- Feb 10, 2022-

How do enterprises choose partition wall products when design and creating its working environment? Egood office partition wall systems are of good quality, easy to use, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly and favored cost. This is why enterprises choose it. Here are some points that should be paid attention to when choosing partition wall system.

High-compartment products should fit the company culture: reflect the company culture and business philosophy; meet the functions of use and avoid space waste; have diverse styles to avoid monotony; reasonable color matching to meet visual effects; diverse selection of materials to fully reflect functional characteristics.

type108 panoramic

Clarify the classification method of high-compartment products: whether the light transmission

function is classified: glass partition, solid partition; material category classification: glass partition,

veneer gypsum board partition, color steel plate partition, melamine board partition, etc.

double glaze office partition wall

Basic requirements for high compartments: with the function of wiring, it can be repaired at any time,

safe, convenient and does not affect the overall appearance; different surface materials can be

selected and matched, effectively dividing the space use and expanding the design field; various

accessories can be used at any time. Disassembly and reassembly do not affect other adjacent

modules at all, reducing pollution and waste of resources caused by disassembly and assembly;

through connecting cores, two different thicknesses of compartments are connected by connecting

cores, and the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to make space The design changes are wider and

wider; modular design, molding production, and stable quality.

office partition wall