Is It Better To Choose Tempered Glass Or Frosted Glass For High Compartment?

- Sep 25, 2020-

Many people often ask what kind of glass high compartment should be used for decoration in the office area of enterprise office buildings. Many people will choose toughened glass because of its hard texture and good transparency. Some people think that frosted glass is used because of its opaque frosted appearance, which can protect privacy. So, how to choose between them? A solid partition below for you to introduce in detail, they are not the same place.

1. Frosted glass partition

The so-called frosted glass partition literally means that there is a rough layer of frosting on the surface of the glass, which is specially ground out, so that the glass will become the surface of rough particles, and the light can form a diffuse reflection on the surface. The main development characteristics of the research is to let the light shine on it without diffuse reflection and softness, so it is suitable for all kinds of company high-rise management building design work environment. In foreign countries, frosted glass, also known as dark glass and ground glass, has the protection of personal privacy. It is often used in some spaces that need high privacy, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, enterprises, etc.


2. Toughened glass partition

Toughened glass is developed from ordinary glass. It has strong toughness and excellent anti-collision ability. When planned, it will form the pressure on the outer layer of glass, and has excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical function. It is widely used in protective fence, outdoor sunlight room and some indoor high compartments. It is not like frosted glass. The toughened glass will split quickly after being impacted by the outside. The scattered fragments are similar to the scattered honeycomb small obtuse angle particles, which can protect the human body and reduce the harm to human body The use of automotive windshield, so it also has a very high safety.

These two kinds of glass are the most widely used glass partition materials we can usually use. They are also excellent glass partition materials. Frosted glass enterprises can be more suitable for China's finance and management work. They can make tempered glass more durable and durable. They can improve the viewing degree of management work and living environment and people's line planning. Now they have been widely used in shopping mall decoration and glass partition It is a decoration material which has great influence on the society.