Talk About The Movable Partition Process Need To Pay Attention To Points

- Nov 23, 2022-

1、Partition application

In the hotel design, 80% of the movable partition will be used in the office space, banquet hall, multi-functional conference hall, private rooms, etc., to improve the utilization of space, but also beautiful. For example: a relatively large banquet hall but did not come so many people, it is divided into two small private rooms to increase space utilization, but also to make the space has the flexibility to achieve this demand, of course, is the movable of partitions.

movable partition wall

2. Storage of movable partitions

Movable partition unlike fixed partition, in the space only as a decorative and partition space, its flexibility requires a place to store when not in use, is the next we will talk about the hidden board room. But the establishment of a hidden board room, can do both the use of demand, but also neat and beautiful. When you use it, you can gently pull it out, and if you don't use it, you can put it away. The movable partition looks bulky, but in fact, one person can easily complete the storage open and close, does not require a lot of strength, why say so? Look down.

Storage of movable partitions

3、Movable partition principle

The opening and storage of the movable partition only requires a winch hand. First push it to the appropriate position, determine the position and then turn with a grip, the partition up and down the sealing rubber strip will be top to the ground and track. This partition will be solid and not shaky, in addition to sound insulation effect, the operation is very simple, is the lower side of this look: