Talking About Why You Need To Use Movable Partition

- Apr 20, 2020-

The beautiful space design of the hotel movable partition wall, the better use is to properly distinguish the hotel space and use the hotel area reasonably, as if it is a high realm between the partition and the non-partition. If the space is small in the hotel, the movable partition wall can be installed to make the space obviously spacious. It can reflect the functional differentiation and does not appear crowded. It is a good choice for hotel decoration.


The general hotel restaurant lobby will use the hotel movable partition to divide the space reasonably, so as to achieve proper distribution and reasonable use, so that not only brings a beautiful and comfortable environment to the lobby, but also can reasonably use the excess space in the lobby, making benefits Greater. Special attention should be paid to the selection of materials and partition design. The hotel is a service place, so the user experience should be high and the visual appearance should be good. Therefore, the material should not be too ordinary, and the decorative effect is better; the choice of the shape of the movable partition wall, the partition shape designed according to the decoration style. For example, the Chinese classic style multi-select screen partition style, European-style multi-select stylish metal partition. The effect of the partitions of different styles is also different.


The design of the restaurant of the hotel should pay attention to the environment. The restaurant is a dining place to give people a relaxed and warm feeling. It feels like at home, so the choice of partition shape should be moderate, and the reasonable design should be based on the size and height of the space. The hotel is partitioned, and the restaurant partition should not give people a dazzling feeling, and the colors should be moderate. The material of the movable partition wall is better to use sound insulation and heat insulation. Because it is a public place, the noise is too high in decibels. The private room is equipped with a movable partition door, which has a good separation effect on the space.