The Progress Tendency Of Folding Partition Wall Industry

- Apr 10, 2021-

Although the movable partition industry is a product that has just emerged in the last 20 years and started late, because of its excellent functions, it can quickly occupy a large number of markets in the decoration industry. By analyzing the current market growth rate, demand rate and social competition situation of the partition industry, we are still in the developing period. The concentration rate of the industry is low, and there is still a large space for growth.

From the past scattered building materials decoration to specialized decoration materials market, not only from the change of charging and installation operation, especially now people's requirements and taste of interior decoration are getting higher and higher, and pay attention to product quality, so the monomer model gradually moves towards standardization and standardization development, and the building material industry model based on brand is born.

Now many people pay more attention to the movable partition when they decorate. The interior design of large-scale buildings tends to be noble atmosphere. When people are well-off, from the change of basic life, as well as the improvement of housing conditions, the important direction of family consumption and investment, it involves the level of this industry. Closing the screen interior decoration will become a new consumption point. The consumption structure will change, and the decoration will strive to increase investment Capital and quality building materials to improve and improve growth.