The Seventh Batch Of EG2019070101 Order To Hainan Was Completed

- May 20, 2020-

On May 31, the seventh batch of order EG2019070101 was completed and shipped to Haikou City, Hainan Province. This time, the goods sent to Haikou included 20 movable partition doors and 5 steel hanging wheels. Will go to the construction site for installation.








Recently, domestic and foreign epidemics have been brought under control and the economy has recovered. Our orders and enquiries have continued to increase. Foreign trade orders are also expanding. Overseas projects will go to the construction site for installation after the epidemic has completely improved. While ensuring safety, we are also We strive to expand our business. In addition to the activity partition business, our mask business continues to improve.


A global epidemic broke out in 2020, and the export of safety protection products was blocked. Yigu Company purchased equipment, raw material preparation, personnel capital preparation, and handled mask export procedures. The world produces masks to support the global fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. On the one hand, it alleviates the plight of insufficient orders caused by the epidemic. On the other hand, it supports the supply of foreign epidemic prevention materials and contributes to winning the epidemic.