Tips To Choose Movable Partition

- Jun 07, 2021-

How to choose movable partition for your sites, check it out by following:

1. Brand

A good brand quality is more guaranteed, and it is also helpful for subsequent maintenance. Egood mobile partition

2. Quality

No matter what product you choose, you must pay attention to quality. When choosing a mobile partition, you can look at the slide rails. Generally, slide rails are made of metal. You can see whether there are rust stains on the surface of the slide rail, whether the sliding is smooth, and whether the structural design is rigorous.

3. Style

If you want to make the entire space look harmonious and unified, you can choose a mobile partition according to the style of home decoration. If the decoration style is modern, you can consider using full glass for installation, which can make the entire interior space look more refined; for European and American styles, you can consider diversified partitions for presentation, combining glass and wooden partitions Get up and use it, so it looks more coordinated. 

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