What Are The Main Aspects Of The Construction Technology Of Office Glass Partition Wall?

- Aug 13, 2020-

According to relevant information interpretation, the development of office partition wall in recent years can be described as changing with each passing day. Not only the performance and combination form have changed greatly, but also the partition effect is more high-grade and more atmospheric. Especially those office partition wall manufacturers with good reputation are the key points of construction technology. Now, the construction technology of office glass partition wall mainly includes the following aspects:


1. Ground rail installation

The construction technology of office glass partition wall pays special attention to the installation of ground rail. Before the installation of the ground rail, setting out must be carried out first, and the position of the door and corner should be reserved in advance. At the same time, the corresponding drilling tools should be selected according to different ground materials. For example, if the floor is made of tile or stone, the electric drill must be used for drilling, and then the plastic plug must be embedded and the ground rail should be fixed with screws.

2. Overhead rail installation

The overhead rail installation of office glass partition wall must correspond to the ground rail one by one. The overhead rail must be fixed on the ceiling in the form of horizontal lofting, and its position should be parallel to the ground rail. After the correct installation position is determined, it can be fixed with air nail or pointed tail screw. The height must be cut into the pattern of making up the inclined edge of wall groove, and the connection of each part should be kept smooth.

3. Corner column installation

When installing office glass partition wall, special attention should be paid to the installation requirements of two-way corner column at the turn of the cubicle. The length of the corner column must be on the ground and connected with the overhead rail. After the installation is completed, the self tapping screw can be used to fix it on the overhead rail and the ground rail. After the installation, it is necessary to carefully confirm whether the matching degree meets the corresponding specifications.

Office glass partition wall reflects the style characteristics of simplicity, fashion and atmosphere, which is one of the fundamental reasons for the rapid sales of those trustworthy office partition walls. According to many office glass partition wall manufacturers, if you want to get a better effect, in addition to closely grasp the ground rail installation and overhead rail installation points, but also need to carefully implement the installation points of corner column, straight bar and transverse pressure bar.