What Kind Of Material Is The Partition Wall Made Of?

- Oct 07, 2020-

What kind of material is the partition wall made of?


The movable partition is generally composed of hanging rail, hanging wheel, aluminum alloy frame, upper and lower pressure strip, sealant strip, sound insulation material, decorative base material, telescopic organization, handle cup and handle, etc.

1. Hanging rail: Yigu suspension rail is extruded from aluminum alloy 6063-T6 after anodizing treatment. The aluminum alloy track after anodizing can not only make the track and track directly perfectly connected, but also make the partition drive without noise, providing a safe, stable, corrosion-resistant and durable operating environment for the movable partition.

2. Hanging wheel: imported bearings are used for all lifting wheels of one solid partition, and the screw strength is above 8.8. The external glue of hanging wheel is made of POM material imported from American DuPont saigang, which greatly improves the use experience and durability of movable partition.

3. Aluminum alloy frame: a solid partition keel structure is made of high-quality 6063t6 aluminum material. Compared with the wood structure, aluminum keel structure has better square and more stability. At the same time, the internal structure of each partition is more solid and environmentally friendly.

4. Upper and lower layering: in the upper and lower layering of movable partition, the innovative installation of sound insulation strips greatly improves the sealing performance with the ground and ceiling, and the sound insulation coefficient is improved in all aspects.

5. sealant strip: a solid use of butyl rubber sealant strip has excellent wear resistance, anti-aging, sealing, and easy to burst. It ensures excellent quality of movable partition, far higher than the PVC sealant strip used by colleagues.

6. Sound insulation material: high density glass fiber cotton with content of 55kg / M ~ 2 is adopted, which not only has the advantages of light weight and combustion supporting, but also has high absorption coefficient, which greatly improves the sound insulation coefficient of movable partition.

7. Decorative substrate: the decorative substrate generally includes steel plate, glass magnesium plate and melamine board. Then fabric, leather and other materials are combined with the decorative substrate to make soft or hard package, which not only improves the beauty of the activity partition, but also is easier to cooperate with the hotel's various styles.

8. Telescopic structure: the raw materials are standard 45 steel and tension spring steel. The pressure tension spring type operation can automatically adjust the gap between the screen and the ground.

9. Handle hand cup and handle: Yigu selects thickened handle cup and handle with high-quality 304 stainless steel pipe material, which greatly improves the service life of the glove, and is not easy to deform and burst. Its durability and corrosion resistance are far higher than those of iron handle cup and handle used by peers.

Activity partition has been widely used in Convention and Exhibition Center, conference room, hotel banquet hall, restaurant box, exhibition hall and other places. If you also want to have activity partition, please call us.